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Did you know that of the personal injury cases resolved in United States courts, 54% of juries sided with the plaintiff? And of those cases, the average settlement was slightly over $30,000. However, we know that 60 to 80% of these cases are actually settled outside of court and yield better results for the injured party.

At Champion Settlement Services, we know that the bottom line is that you need to get the maximum amount of recovery damages for the suffering you have faced. We utilize a team of credentialed legal, medical and life care planners to ensure you and your attorney are equipped from the start of the case to the final settlement. Our quality future medical allocations are backed by years of experience and we work diligently to accurately assess future medical needs while also advocating for your best interests.

Protecting Injured Individuals

Settlements can be intimidating. And many plaintiffs fear that bringing their case to a close poses the risk that the settlement may not be enough to cover their lifelong needs. Champion Settlement Services is dedicated to protecting the financial interests of individuals who have suffered an injury.

We deliver both experience and compassion to our clients, working together hand-in-hand throughout the settlement process. Our focus is on your future medical treatment needs, ensuring that any costs you may possibly bear in the future are accounted for before final settlement. Our team works with you and your attorney to create a comprehensive future medical allocation, leaving no stone unturned.

The allocation is reinforced with our consulting services and expert testimony to ensure that your current needs and future benefits are forever protected. Once your case has concluded, we provide additional post-settlement support to transition you into financial independence. With Champion Settlement Services, you always have somewhere to turn.

Quality Results

Our goal is to make planning for future medical treatment a seamless part of your settlement path. Our allocations consider all medical, legal, policy, contractual, and regulatory aspects of each case. We take great pride in providing quality future medical allocations and exceptional customer service every single day.


The attorneys, nurses, life care planners, and medical team at Champion Settlement Services work together to exceed each of our client’s expectations. We collectively have decades of high-level experience helping individuals and attorneys calculate and make plans to maximize benefit preservation, estimate realistic future medical costs, and ensure injured parties are protected when resolving bodily injury claims.

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Personal injury cases can be daunting when all you want to do is recover and move forward. Unfortunately, the looming costs of medical care even years after the injury can have you wondering if you’ve done all you can. At Champion Settlement Services, we take that worry away. Contact us today to learn more.